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Endnode (AKA Printer Tree)

Photographic documentation of the Endnode installation at Eyebeam Atelier. The exhibition photos were taken on November 23, 2002 during the Beta Launch exhibition. The hard copy email messages littering the base of the Printer Tree have been collecting for over a month.

Below the exhibition photos are some snapshots taken during the installation and construction of Endnode for the same exhibition.

Exhibition Views of Endnode

Images from the exhibition of Endnode. Click the thumbnails for a larger image; all images open in a separate window
Endnode exhibition view
front view of Endnode (aka Printer Tree)
Endnode install view
back view of Endnode (aka Printer Tree)

Endnode exhibition view
detail, filling the paper. Tom Gormincan was a great help.
Endnode detail view
detail, small monitor in the base of the tree

Endnode install view
detail, front view of the trunk with vent and computer front
Endnode detail view
detail, trunk with cables and back of computer

Installation Views of Endnode

Some images from the construction and installation of Endnode.
Endnode under construction
Endnode under construction at Eyebeam Atelier
mriver with Endnode
M.River doing some work on Endnode

Endnode detail
a view into the branches
Endnode install view
far view of Endnode from Eyebeam's catwalk

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