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Care And Feeding

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Variable Media Information

MTAA subscribe to the principals of The Variable Media Initiative. Below are some guidelines for future installations of Endnode (AKA Printer Tree).

To present Endnode in the future it would be best to follow a migration strategy.

To migrate an artwork involves upgrading equipment and source material.
--Variable Media Initiative
The printers will be out-of-date shortly, finding the necessary supplies to install Endnode exactly as it's installed today will become impossible in the very near future.

These guidelines should be followed:

  1. The physical structure of the sculpture should always be maintained. Store the original for future use. However, if the original structure is destroyed or lost it is acceptable to recreate it.
    1. It should be approximately 12-16 feet tall.
    2. The sculpture stands on an 8' x 8' platform, approximately 7 inches from the ground.
    3. Should be built from a 3/4" sheet good, preferably AC plywood.
    4. Using documentation, attempt to match the structure and building method of the original.
    5. Should use no less than 8 printers.
  1. One may migrate the printing system to whatever is handy, popular, and inexpensive.
    1. The printers should be single page-based so that the prints may fall like leaves. The print media (paper) must be of a sufficient weight so as to fall gently from the branches. The media can't be too light, but it could be too heavy. We've used 24LB paper.
    2. The printing system should be widely used (inkjet printers are very common and cheap today).
  1. One may update the info streams that feed Endnode. One does not have to use email lists.
    1. One must use unfiltered communications between individuals and groups. These communications should be more akin to conversations rather than announcements. Basically, try to find people yacking online.
    2. One may not use automated or machine generated communications; they must originate from humans. One may not use stock market, weather data, &c to feed Endnode. The communications must be formatted so that the average person can read them.
    3. One may choose themes and append the theme to the title.

      For example: One may wish to install Endnode and use only communication pertinent to global warming. You may then title the installation Endnode (AKA Printer Tree): The Global Warming Install. A caveat, one may choose sources for the information which match the theme, but the curator may not filter, censor, or in any way moderate that information. So, one could sign Endnode up to a global warming mailing list and if the owners of the list moderate that's fine, but the curator is not allowed to moderate IE the curator is not allowed to subscribe Endnode to a general discussion list and moderate out information that doesn't match the curator's criteria.
  1. Viewers must always be allowed to read the communications; picking it up from the floor where it drops. It should fall freely to the floor and be accessible to viewers. You may not put Endnode behind a partition, velvet rope, wall, force field, or any other method that restricts viewer's access to the hard copy communication.
    1. Viewers are allowed to take communications without charge within reason. For example, one person shouldn't be allowed to collect every print and take it home. A maximum of 20 prints is reasonable.
    2. One may restrict the number of viewers allowed around the installation depending on the facilities. The minimum amount of viewers is 6 at a time.
    3. There IS a maximum size to the amount of paper which should be left on the floor after which the exhibitor is allowed to clean up all communication and start at zero. This maximum size is 10 reams of paper (5000 sheets).
  1. The rate of printing should be approximately 1 document per minute, though the documents may be of multiple pages. The tree shouldn't spew communications; keep it gentle.

  2. One is not permitted to archive the hard copy communications at any time other than what is on the floor around the sculpture. The communication should be recycled. The communications may be archived digitally and accessible via the Internet.

—MTAA, August 2002


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