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Endnode (AKA Printer Tree)

The Endnode list will be active from October 15, 2002 through December 1, 2002 while Endnode is exhibited at Beta Launch: Eyebeam Artists in Residence ‘02.

Why a limited time? The Endnode list will only be active while the sculpture is being exhibited.

List members will be notified the next time the list goes online.

Thanks to Eyebeam Atelier for helping to make Endnode (AKA Printer Tree) a reality.

Endnode is a networked sculpture in the form of a large tree. Printers nested within the sculpture's plywood branches produce hardcopy of email communication that fall to the ground like leaves or apples; the branching of the Internet is literally and figuratively brought into physical space. As the leaves/apples/email fall to the ground, they become end nodes in the worldwide information flow.

Join the Endnode Mailing List.

The Endnode list will have no moderation, however, the administrators reserve the right to ban any disruptive address. We hope the list will focus on new media art. Remember, there will be hardcopy of your email falling from Endnode when you post to the list.

These media, art and culture lists are also included: rhizome_raw, thingist, nettime-bold, syndicate and Xchange.

Miscellaneous Info
Visit the Endnode list archive to help you decide if you would like to join the list. See the installation of Endnode at Eyebeam. Finally, if you need to or would like to see how to care for Endnode check out the care & feeding section.

Leaves For Endnode
Eryk Salvaggio has created a collection of ASCII Leaves For Endnode which one may copy-n-paste and send to the Endode list. Make sure to set your email client to a fixed-width or monospaced font like courier or monaco so that the leaves retain their structural integrity.

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